What Every New Website Needs

If you instruct a company to create a new website, there are a few aspects which you may not be aware of, and the designer may not tell you about.

Many web designers are geeks and love to code; whilst this is great, hand-coded websites can sometimes lack the functionality that pre-coded platforms offer. For example WordPress posts ask for tags, categories and each post is given a url.

These days ALL websites should be able to be updated easily by the company owners/employees, rather than having to ask the designer. Google has a “freshness algorithm” which means that Google likes websites which are updated regularly. A good website is never finished!

In days gone by, the designer would code up a website on the hard drive, and then publish to web. When amendments were required they would be done (usually for a fee) on the designers hard drive, and then published to web.

With so many great platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, the end-user simply logs into the back end and updated their own content. Sure if new features are required or colour changes to the background etc then the code may need altering. If you are not a coder, then you need to ask the web company to make this type of change.

When commissioning a new website it is always worth investing in some SEO.




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