One of the differences between Apple and Microsoft is the marketing strategy. For Apple “creativity” is the strategy to marketing while for Microsoft productivity is its marketing strategy instead. In this, Microsoft believes that every individual requires tools for a broad range of productivity activities regardless of who they are.

If you have been keen enough, you can see that most of the Microsoft ads show people working while for the Apple Ads they show people doing cool stuff with their iPads and iPhones, and this creativity has seen Apple sky shoot in a market it had no previous experience with it.

Another difference between these two firms is the size. In the recent quarter, Apple gained revenue of $75 billion with cash flows of $30 billion in only one quarter. By contrast, the opponent the Microsoft only had $7.8 billion which is less than that on Apples Quarters.

Another difference between Microsoft and Apple technology is the security factor. Windows devices are most popularly used globally and are highly targeted by hackers who develop viruses targeting the users. But according to research, the security system designed by windows, especially on Windows 7 is far more advanced than of the iOs/mac. The security for Windows based phones is comparatively better due to the availability of a diverse number of anti-virus software which keep the Microsoft OS more secure.


Microsoft phone provides some of the best advantages over other platforms such as iOS -and Android. Some of the benefits of Microsoft devices are :

Good performance

Windows phones by comparison to the android and iOS phone have low system requirements, and thus, the can operate efficiently with average components. This is showcased by various Microsoft devices such as Lumia 520, 625 and 720 which provide substantial performance at relatively low prices

Live tiles and easy customization

Windows phones have animated live tiles that are easily customized and also flexible. One can easily access the animated overview of photos emails from the home screen.

Office, Outlook and universal apps: these apps ensure that you get easy access to your documents even on Microsoft platforms.

The camera : Windows phones are equipped with a high quality digital camera which features; an incredible digital zoom, high resolution sensors, and Carl Zeiss lenses for high quality pictures. The Microsoft camera app provides a simple and stylish UI with a broad range of features and options. Availability of other third part options and Nokia camera app provide an added benefit to the Microsoft devices.

The user interface; this is definitely one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a mobile phone. Microsoft devices are equipped with Windows user interface(UI) , which is simple, brilliant, smooth and most efficient to use.

Cortana : This virtual assistance feature in Windows devices is far much better than the siri in IOS and even Google in android. This feature is much entertaining, geeky and also informative.



iCloud : with this service, one is capable of sharing information and files such as music photos contacts and data to other users with Apple products. This reduces the hassle to transfer file manually from your device to computer in case you require to edit them

The face time feature: this feature uses the front-facing camera to enable video chats in high definition with people using Apple phones. This feature allows both cellular data and WI-FI connection to connect with other users with iPhone 5. Therefore, you are capable of staying in touch with friends, family and even clients regardless of geographical location.

The camera

iPhone features one of the most advanced digital cameras among the mobile devices. For instance iPhone 5 is equipped with an 8 megapixels right camera and takes photos 40% faster than the previous model. The camera also allows 240 degree panorama pictures of 28 megapixels while the insight can record 1080 p of HD.

Some other benefit of using Apple devices such as iPhone is that, the users of phones get to enjoy over 800,000 apps and which many of them are available for free. The voice activated virtual assistance; Siri are essential apps since they help you when lost in a city. These apps have the capability of enabling you to find services in a town such as a restaurant or locating a mechanic and even making a phone call.

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