Satellite Digital TV Viewing Platforms

There are so many TV viewing platforms which offer an array of channels. The price range is dramatic – some a free, some very expensive, some can only be used in certain areas. It can be a minefield trying to find out which are available for your location and at what cost.

Click to link to Freeview channel availability.

A couple we know, had Sky fit TV at their home, to find that the following year the trees had grown just enough to block their satellite signal. Always find a reputable digital TV / aerials company.

tv viewing solutionsFreesat – Freesat is a digital satellite television service which offers satellite TV in high definition for a one-off fee. There are more than 140 digital TV and radio channels to watch. You shall require a Freesat receiver, a satellite dish and ideally an HD-ready TV.There after there are no more ongoing monthly subscription costs.

Freeview is “terrestrial” which means that it is picked up via an aerial rather than a satellite dish.

Click here for the official Freesat website. They advertise their product as “Buy Now, Don’t Pay Later”.

There are more channels on Freesat than Freeview, but they are NOT the same channels.On Freeview you receive channels such as  “dave” and their UKTV stations, among others. On Freesat you get the area brand of channels, some more news ones, and more shopping.

Freeview has HD but this is limited to where you live.

Televisions are available with built-in Freeview and Freesat.

Sky once dominated the marketplace, but their pricing is very high, but as everybody knows, if you call to cancel your package they will normally reduce the price. Another trick if it is in the husbands name, he cancels and the wife is viewed as a new customer. The wife will get the new customer offers and deals.

There are other solutions on the marketplace, such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Netflicks; the latter who are growing expediently but tend to offer older shows rather than live viewing.

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