Renewal time what to do? – Freesat vs Paid

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It’s come to that time again the dreaded renewal time. Do we get a discount? Do we have too sign-up for another 18 months?

It made me think is paying anything from £28 – £100 a month worth it for the channels you get.

I know from my experience and really taking the time to investigate my family and I watch 3 channels that are not on Freeview, 2 of them are children channels so we are paying  £40 a month for my daughter to watch Peppa Pig and My Little Pony. What makes this even funnier is that she has started to watch these shows on Netflix which is yet another paid for service so that is £47 a month on 2 shows.

To a lot of families, this is a lot of money and not really worth it for the other 200 channels that you don’t even watch. We really thought about it and one of the main services we use is the record functionality which is now available on Freesat.

We have now decided to cancel Sky Tv and get a Freesat we live in Halifax West Yorkshire and found a great local company to come and install everything and service all of West Yorkshire. This company is called Aerial Waves please if you are looking at saving money each and every month really think about this expenditure and get in contact with Aerial Waves and have a chat about what they can do for you.

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