Read Before Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Many who work in technology work at a desk; if not all the time certainly for some of the time whilst using a PC. Eating at your desk is one of the most unhealthy daily activities that you can do. The majority of people does not know, and would never guess, that the average office desk contains more germs than a toilet seat. How often would you shake hands with someone that has been to the toilet but did not wash their hands because they thought they looked clean? I guess not very often but, how often would you eat your lunch at your computer and in some cases that’s everyday for office workers.

An office desk contains over twenty thousand microbes per every single square inch. They are lurking in places such as the phone, computer keyboard and accessories such printers fax machines and mouse.

Most of these germs can be spread by the telephone and particularly if you share your desk. If one of your colleagues you work with comes into the office with cold or flu symptoms and touch equipment at work, this transfers the virus, which can survive on these surfaces for up to three days and therefore becomes an incubator and breeding ground for the germs.

The harmless keyboard you use every day is a harbor for germs and bugs and acts as a tray that catches unwanted bits of food. Worst still and scary is that they catch enough skin to fill a small cup, and the hair we shed on a daily basis.

I am sure you will find surprising that, according to new research by the University of Arizona, ladies desks harbour more germs than means and if not kept clean – clinically clean – can play a significant part in spreading micro organisms from flu, including swine flu, e-coli and the super bug MRSA.

Swine Flu, as we now know has had a significant impact on peoples health causing mild panic and worry. This outbreak has cost the business world and economy greatly. While it is getting ready to make a comeback in its second wave, this is the time to ensure that you are doing all you can to introduce plans for personal and office hygiene in a bid to prevent this from becoming a sickness overload and also for the wellbeing of your workforce, colleagues and families .

Escherichia coli better known as e-coli lives naturally in your intestine but is not always confined to the intestine it can survive outside the body. It can be found on your telephone and is very easily transferable which can have a potentially lethal impact on health.

There is a solution at hand. Specialists healthcare companies provide the majority of markets with Do It Yourself cleaning kits. They will enable you to provide an ideal solution to minimize the transfer of micro-organisms, germs and work towards the reduction of infection having a positive effect on the health of the workplace and the home.

Infection control kits have previously been used to help clean computer work stations but have moved on to clean products such as plasma TVs, toys and other household goods. Initially these products were only available to hospitals and the cost was unrealistic for the mass market. With increased demand they are now affordable to the masses, readily available to buy online, and are now used in sports centers, schools, nurseries, gyms, and of course offices.

Do It Yourself sanitation cleaning kits will help to make the office and general environment a cleaner and more hygienic place and will help to bring germs, micro-organisms and flu type bugs under control. The result being a significant reduction of the spread of viruses and will work towards reducing the threat of pandemics and illnesses as a result.

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