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The last few years have witnessed a rapid grown of cloud computing services with many institutions, building their private-cloud environments internally. Those companies that are not able to build their own are procuring public-cloud offerings from companies dealing with Agresso cloud hosting to get a way of getting more computing services at a small cost. While all this has been happening, the question of the security of this platform has always risen with worries about how capable Agresso cloud hosting service providers are in holding the secrecy of sensitive data.

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The Future of Cloud for Corporates

Cloud services have a log future as the current developments in technology needs them. The option of not using the cloud is not viable for many institutions because of the rising need to cut down on IT cost base. This is forcing enterprises to embrace cloud environment. On the other hand, departments, individuals and work groups are continually embracing the cloud environment, even at the time when corporate policies are not supporting it.

Risks Associated with Contracted Public Cloud

They act of getting into a written agreement for traditional outsourcing arrangements, and telecommunication services have been going on for decades have been highly perfected. There are always terms and conditions that allocate liabilities for any security breach and acts of noncompliance between the enterprise and the service providers. These terms and conditions may not be known to all, but providers and law firms know and understand them better.
Contracting for Cloud services is however very different. Other automated IT platforms have the ability to obscure the location of data from either the customer or the service provider. The problem is even greater with those institutions that are dealing with information that can be personally identified as they have to keep some data on their customers in a certain jurisdiction. If they do not do so, they will be faced with regulatory action. A survey of banking corporations indicated that they do not believe that most public Agresso cloud hosting companies can fully guarantee the security of their information. Another challenge with the cloud is the way of conforming to industry and regulatory standards that up to date have not been changed.
The challenge of coming up with the terms and condition for cloud environment will always bother companies providing cloud hosting for corporate until a solution is sought. The solution here will require associated critical legal issues to be addressed.

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Risk in Private-cloud Environment

Just as the case with the public-cloud environment, the private cloud environment has challenges too. Fragmenting customer’s data in institutional and storing it in different places raise an issue with risk-management benefits. When data are dispersed in many platforms means that in a case where a problem arises, only one dataset is affected leaving the other safe. The fragmentation of this data may also pose another security breach as all the platforms holding parts of the data may not be able to maintain the same security standards. On the other hand, if this data is consolidated on one private cloud that is highly scaled, there is a new risk of attack. The vulnerability of data kept in one place is very high.

Advantages of Both Public and Private Cloud in Management of Risks

Although the two platforms have weaknesses, they provide better data protection services than the traditional technology environments. The new technology has led to increased transparency in data management as data is centrally placed and can be accessed by differing managers from different places. The system further helps data managers to detect security or resiliency challenges earlier than would have been possible with the traditional methods. Robust automated tools can further be used in solving problems once and apply to all other data sets. Technology companies can thus focus their efforts on securing data in a common specialized location that in different places as before.


Although cloud environment, both public and private, is largely used today to provide the much needed Agresso cloud hosting for corperates, there are security concerns that are far from being addressed. Laws and regulation have also not been updated to respond to these emerging needs. Since cloud environment has proved to be cheaper and easier to use, the service providers should focus more attention on the security of the information.

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