Hot Tubs – Common Problems

Hot tubs and spa ownership can be fairly costly and we do not mean the initial outlay. The initial outlay can bring to life a whole hosts of benefits, from family bonding to health benefits, and generally somewhere to really relax and de-stress!

Hots require general maintenance and servicing – just like a  motor vehicle. Some of this can be done DIY style. If you are an electrician or a plumber, then you can definitely do some hot tub DIY.

Most of the problems that occur are ones that are common and simple to fix. There is plenty of guidance online about simple repairs, but we will stress that if electrical work if required, then call in the experts!

The most common problems can very easy to troubleshoot and can be repaired with very little effort. You may have to purchase some specific spa or hot tub parts, and sometimes branded to boot, but these are readily available online. Click here to view hot tub parts – pumps, motors, jets, blowers, fans, chemicals, control panels and covers.

Electrical Engineers and plumbers are able to repair the tub

Here are some of the most common hot tub and spa repairs and how to fix them.

Low-Quality Water

Many homeowners face the problem of low-quality water. There are a couple of things that may be causing this problem. You may have a bad filter or a not-so-good chemical balance issue. One way to fix this particular issue to make sure you learn the proper way to add chemicals. Adding too much chemical can cause skin allergies so you want to make sure that you put in the appropriate amount. You could also invest in better filter cartridges for your spa or hot tub. These are two easy ways in which you could improve the quality of your water. Buying good quality branded hot tub chemicals are worth it, as it is kind to the parts within the hot tub and harmless to skin.

Takes Too Long to Heat

If your hot tub or spa is taking a long time to heat you definitely have a problem. The first thing you must immediately check is the filter and its performance. If you have a bad filter then it will get clogged with dirt very easily which can also impact how fast your spa or hot tub heats up. All you have to do in this case is to clean your filters or to simply buy new hot tub filters.

If you find that this does not solve the overall problem you should call as professional as it may be a more serious issue. Call out professional hot tub repair engineers.

Cracked Cover

Spa and hot tub covers tend to crack in the summer. You can protect your cover by putting silicone oil or something similar over it. This will help to protect your spa cover from the sunlight and heat.

If the problem seems complicated, it probably is. Make sure you call a professional hot tub repair and maintenance company for any technical and advanced repairs of your hot tub or spa.

electrical wiring by the professional

For Hot Tub Engineers:

There is now a dedicated master distributor of hot tub parts and spares. They supply to the whole of Europe and are the main dealers in the UK and France. Buy online at Vortex Hot Tub and Spa Parts. 


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