Hot Tub Heaven and Hell

Things to consider when looking for hot tub repair

• Cost of spa repair and services. A good repair company should provide you with the estimate costs before beginning the repair. This will enable you to determine whether you will afford their services or not.

• Level of expertise – Before you contract, ensure that you confirm the academic qualifications as well as years of experience of some of the employees of the company. The engineer should be able to handle any repair regardless of the make or model of your spa. Whether you want to relocate your spa or any other service, the team should take care of the same comfortably.

• Reliability- The right technicians should take a few hours at your home to repair and service your hot tub repair so that they can allow you to attend to other duties within your home or place of work.

• High quality services and products- To determine whether the company offers good services you can ask them to provide you contacts of some of the customers they have worked with the recent past so that you can confirm one or two things from them. Some of the spa spares that the engineers should carry include branded pumps, heaters, motors, chlorinators or chemical controllers, jets, control panels as well as electrical parts.
Steps followed during hot tub repair

In order to benefit from the services offered by the experts, you need to know some of the common steps that a good company should follow. Some of them include the following

• Inspection of the hot tub -The team experts need to start by inspecting your hot tub,  as well as the water feature requirements.

• Provide you with possible solutions – Once they complete undertaking the comprehensive inspection of the structure and operational needs of your facility, the team should offer you with a number of solutions so that you can choose according to your financial capability and other considerations.

• Repair the hot tub -After explaining different possible ways to repair your hot tub, the team of technicians should embark on the process or repair.

• Payment – A good team should only ask for payment after they have completed the job so that you only pay for services that satisfy you.

Hot tub maintenance tips

The way you take care of your hot tub greatly determines its effectiveness. Some of the hot tub maintenance tips include

• Change the water within your hot tub within three, four or maximum of six months and be sure to use good quality branded hot tub chemicals.

• In the process of adjusting the chemical levels, ensure that you add one chemical and then wait for two hours or more before you add another. The duration will allow the chemicals to disperse evenly within the water. In addition, waiting also minimizes on the possibilities of the chemicals reacting.

• When adjusting on the levels of the chemicals ensure that you follow the right order. In other words, start with alkalinity, then bromine or the chlorine sanitizers, followed by calcium before you finish with the PH.

• Condition the cover of your hot tub monthly so that you can prolong on its useful life by safeguarding it from the effects of the UV rays of the sun.

• Ensure that the cover fits tightly so that you avoid cases of heat escaping – sure here in the UK this is difficult with our climate, but worth doing in Summer

• Calculate the saturation index of your spa water so that you find out whether the water is scaling, corrosive or has a balanced condition.

• Only use high quality hot tub chemicals from trustworthy dealers

• You should only use the conditioning products on the outside of the hot tub and not the inside cover.

The best hot tub repair companies will have great reviews on review websites

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