Formula 1 | Yahoo Sport UK – What Do All The Buttons On A F1 Steering Wheel Actually Do?

This week, our F1 expert Kenny Campbell breaks down every component of the coolest (and most complex) steering wheel you’ll ever see.


Formula 1 is a highly technical sport but, even by its incredible standards, the steering wheels on F1 cars are particularly complex.

Made of carbon fibre or even 3D-printed like the Force India wheels, each has more than 20 buttons, dials and levers, some of which have multiple functions.

Costing upwards of £50,000 apiece, each wheel not only carries a multitude of buttons and the associated wiring – it also has to have a quick-release mechanism for driver safety.

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, drivers will have customised wheels – so, for example, Lewis Hamilton’s wheel will be different to team-mate Nico Rosberg’s.

For most of us, just looking at the wheels is enough to provoke bemusement and, to be fair, even drivers struggle with all those buttons.

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