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One of the differences between Apple and Microsoft is the marketing strategy. For Apple “creativity” is the strategy to marketing while for Microsoft productivity is its marketing strategy instead. In this, Microsoft believes that every individual requires tools for a broad range of productivity activities regardless of who they are. If you have been keen […]

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New to Cloud Hosting? Everything you Need to Know Here

Introduction The last few years have witnessed a rapid grown of cloud computing services with many institutions, building their private-cloud environments internally. Those companies that are not able to build their own are procuring public-cloud offerings from companies dealing with Agresso cloud hosting to get a way of getting more computing services at a small […]

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Cloud Hosting Overview

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We all are aware of the fact that a best server is necessary for hosting the web sites online. If you want to publish your site on the internet, then all you must do would be to pick a great hosting service for your self. Nowadays, you’ll be able to quickly discover several kinds of […]

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