Audio Visual Technologies 2015

Through 2014 was really an amazing year specifically for industry of audio visual along with the AV technology service providers wherein they generated high rate in sales since there’s a drastic change on the number of people who are getting interested with technology. However, since AV industry is one of the fast-changing fields every now and then, it is already expected that there are plenty of new trends as well as practices that will make us wonder this 2015.

AUdio Visual tech 2015

It is already given that technology evolving so fast and it will come to a point that one would realize that are being left behind in just a matter of time. Take a look on the following technologies in audio visual this year:

This technology needed two specific applications namely fine resolution critical inspection and extra-large displays type video. If you are still wondering about it, 4K is about four times bigger than the 1080p which is the standard resolution in every home television.

Vizbox gives way on the idea that projector is not just for indoor purposes; it can be also used for any outdoor activity which requires the presence of projector. It has a specific electronic climate control system which will protect your device from any heat, moisture or even cold. Outdoor projector housings really do allow projection ANYWHERE.

Wireless transmission is on its way into commercial and industrial application. This type of transmission lets both of the audio and video signals sent through wireless data networks. This reduces the need for cabling infrastructure as well as familiarity with the mobile devices. Actually, this serves as your great step into much easier collaboration, user familiarity and interactivity among installed and mobile devices.

Though this might be considered as new technology but the demand of large and wider images will stay through the coming years of technology. Because of existing interactivity, the demand of the video walls which is promoting interaction n is drastically increasing this past year. Basically, video wall option ranges from ultra-thin down to thin bezel array of displays.

Today, touch screen which comes very interactive able to help every user navigates as well as gather lots of information everything under the sun. The technology itself can be considered as the rising star on communication on the huge pile of information visually and at the same time quickly into the user wherein they are not required to type even a single phrase or either uses a mouse. Its touch screen navigation and menu are customized regarding with the orientation of the display, presentation of the information and any other option which aims to improve the user experience.

The list goes on and it will as long as the development of the technology exists. There’s no wonder that user’s number who get fond of this industry is escalating every year since the thrill and excitement in discovering every features is really something worth cherishing. It just simply implies that the Audio Visual industry has a brighter future.

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