Amazing AV in Education

The world of audio visual has come a long way over the years. From touch screen options, to various new audio visual solutions, technology has created a whole new world of audio visual for everyone, especially in education.

Of course for teachers and lecturers digital equipment can help to reduce time lesson planning, and with the aid of audio visual solutions, the audience is captivated and engaged. More of the audience can partake, as the ones at the back are now involved.
Digital signage

Digital Visualiser

Interactive whiteboards
Digital visualisers
Sounds / PA systems
Wireless speakers
Apple product integration
Projectors and Visualisers
Touch Screens


The AV market has expanded expediently since the 1990’s. As a result the prices are affordable, the units are small and lighter, and more can be done with a projector. For example visualisers connect to the projector and everybody can see what is being examined. Not just the ones closest to the front!

Immersive Audio Visual  Sensory Rooms: We have been speaking to some amazing companies about their sensory offerings! For example award-winning 4D Creative in Manchester create completely immersive environments. Best displayed by the video below.

4D creative – BETT Futures 2015 from 4D Group on Vimeo.

Interactive White Boards / Touch Screens

The rise of the touch screen has changed the way teachers interact with their pupils/students. It creates a fun and exciting learning experience. Smart boards and large LCD screens make it easy for teachers and learners alike to write on the screen simply by using their finger.

Teachers are able to draw over digital images as well as write lesson notes. All of this is live and interactive however can be used again in future lessons, or adapted to suit future lessons. Notes can saved and distributed to the students and can also be emailed, saving time and leaning towards extreme efficiency.

Touch screens have also made it possible for teachers to easily access lesson plans, displays, and other resources to make teaching easier and more effective.Rather than writing up new lesson plans each year, the teacher can now improve the lesson plan time and time again!

Outdoor Environmental Projector Housing

We have read about a new product launch in AV Magazine, which is a product which allows for projection anywhere. The outdoor, secure weatherproof projector enclosure. Great for the outdoor classroom, or within any area which may be exposed to hot, cold, wet or humid conditions.

Audio Visual solutions in education lead to fun, exciting, and engaging education.

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